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Quality Policy of Ravi Cam Industries is to become camshaft manufacturer of international repute by establishing mistake proof process to manufacture camshafts to drawing specifications on all parameters & to the entire satisfaction of our customers.


From 1976 to 1990 :

Ravi Cam Industries started manufacturing of camshafts in June 76, 30 years ago, with a dedicated set up to manufacture. single cylinder 'Petter Type Camshaft' for 5 BHP vertical diesel engine.

Cam profile grinding machine and other machinery's in set up were developed in house, to suit production of this camshaft.

We were only camshaft manufacturer amongst other few catering demand of these camshafts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and market all over India. We used to produce 7000 Nos. camshafts per month for a period of 10-12 years.

In 1985 we secured order of M/S. Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., Pune for the same camshaft and with their technical support we upgraded our machines & process of manufacturing camshafts.

We supplied them over 2,00,000 camshafts in a period of 3 to 4 years, as a single source out side their plant.

1990 to 2000 :

Due to very cutthroat competition in the market and frequent shifting of demand in oil engine segment we decided to manufacture multicylinder camshafts, for tractors and automobiles application. For this the major technological input needed was 'master cam manufacturing technology'.

The easiest way we thought was to get technical collaboration, rather than 'inventing wheel'. So we tried to get Italian Collaboration for multicylinder camshaft manufacturing, through which we were seeking to get 'master cam manufacturing technology'. The collaborator who was camshaft manufacturer however was interested in disposing off his old set up.

Since the interests were not matching, we decided to develop this technology on our own in year 1990.

The main obstacle in this development process was "cam profile measuring instrument" which was not available with us at that time.

The compatible technologies in other fields were developing during that period, and using CNC wirecut technology we started development of multicylinder camshafts in 1990. The critical and major part of this development as stated above was development of mastercams for our machines.

We made inspection arrangements with Automotive Research Association of India, Pune and Kirloskar Cummins Ltd., Pune. After five long years of hard efforts we succeeded in development of in house 'master cam manufacturing process'.

"We develop our own mastercams" suitable for our machines was achievement of our workshop in 1995-96.

After acquiring technology to manufacturer mastercam we have developed over 180 different types of multicylinder camshafts so far, for domestic and international market in small and large batch quantities for engines having various applications like Gensets, Power Tillers, Tractors and Automobiles.

Now we can undertake complete development of camshaft in house with the expertise we have acquired over period of time.

2000-2006 :


* Cam Profile Tester :

Recently we have also added 'Cam Profile Tester' to our inspection facilities, which proved very useful to us for improvement of quality of camshafts. profile and angular accuracies.

This instrument also we have developed ourselves with the help of angular encoder having least count of 00'04" and digital dial with 1 micron least count. The system is interfaced with computer and per degree or half degree results are recorded and compared against specifications.

It is also pertinent to mention here the results of profile measured on our tester are cross checked by Lombardini Italy at their Rieti Plant in Italy on "Adcole Modell 1304" and they have confirmed that our facilities are adequate to measure camshaft profile

Besides this we have also added various instruments to our inspection set up and developed separate standard room having complete inspection facilities to check all parameters of camshafts.

We have EZ Cam Profile Tester from Andrews Products Inc. U.S.A. We also set support from them to.

* Cam Grinding Machines :

We have designed and developed two new cam grinding machines and started using them for profile grinding. These machines are capable of producing desired accuries of camshafts. We can produce cam profile in tolerance band of 40 microns and on angles we can work in tolerance ban of 0-10'.

* CNC Turning Machines :

We have added 'Pinacho Smart Turn' Lathe ABC 2000 mm which can now take care of all linear dimensions radii and chamfers of any camshaft.

* CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine :

Recently we have also acquired new CNC Cylindrical machine ABC 1000 mm bet. center which can take care of journals and shoulder grinding of any camshaft. We have nero cylindrical grinder with ABC 2000 is introduced to increase the capacity for long camshaft.

* Tool Room :

We have developed small tool room facilities needed for production of our tooling.


We are having dedicated workforce who are working with us for last 20-25 years and they have complete knowledge of handling machines, its maintenance and manufacturing process of camshafts.

Over period of time we have developed all operations involved in camshafts manufacturing in such a manner that failure will not occur at manufacturing stage itself. We are planning to develop our existing facilities as 'tech cum training centre'. Where we can undertake process development and training of our workforce for routine production of camshafts.

2006-2007 :

Having acquired complete knowledge of camshafts production right from building of machines to complete manufacturing process of routine production of camshafts, we have now planned expansion of our unit to produce camshafts for our established customer base.

We have already acquired land ad-measuring 3875 sq. mtr. having 570 sq. mtr. built up shed in MIDC area, where we have created new facilities for camshafts manufacturing. This includes following ,

  • Facing Centering Machine
  • CNC Turning Machine
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinders
  • Hydraulic Milling Machines
  • CNC Cam Lobe Grinding Machine
  • Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinders with closed loop for inspection
  • VMC Machine
Some of the prestigious developments undertaken at our workshop since 1995-96 till date are as below,

Prototype 3 Cyl. Camshafts for Hindustan Motors Ltd., Pitthampur for their new petrol engine, which was tried successfully in their engine.

4 Cyl. Camshafts for Hindustan Motors Ltd, Calcutta for their new Ricardo engine diesel and petrol both also developed by us.

Camshafts for Lombardini engine of Greaves Ltd, Aurangabad and development of various cam profiles for them to achieve fuel efficiency for their Tech Centre.

LDA80 and LDA 450,

520 Series and GL400

Kirloskar Cummins Ltd., Kothrud also entrusted development of their 6 Cyl. Camshafts to us. Besides we have also developed two types of fuel pump camshafts for them B4 and B6.

Development of prototype for Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI-Pune)) done at our shop, and the results were established.

Development of 3 Cyl. camshaft of Same Deutz Fahr (I) Pvt. Ltd., Ranipet is also completed and routine production established. We have also developed their camshaft for EURO-I Engine.

Inlet and Exhaust cams for HATZ engine we have developed successfully.

15LD400 Camshaft of Lombardini India Pvt.Ltd. We have developed profile of these camshafts in tolerance band of 40 microns. We have also developed FOCs Series Camshafts for Lombardini.

Alpha Series and T Range Camshafts of Lister Petter Ltd, UK. Total 13 different varieties of camshafts developed for them. PPAP batches approved in Lister Petter Ltd. UK after 600 Hr trial run of camshafts.

We have developed camshafts for Cooper Energy Services, OHIO through a company in Mumbai for their 'V' engine

We have developed 'Fuel Pump Cam' for test rig of Kirloskar Oil Engine Ltd, heavy engines Nashik.

We have developed camshafts for heavy engines and racing cars in U.S.A. and U. K.


Production facilities we have developed with view to manufacturer camshafts and carry out all (maximum) critical operations involved in design of various camshafts, in house.

However, certain specialized operations are out sourced to maintain quality of camshafts, to name few of them, Thread Rolling, Sand Blasting, Phosphating and Heat Treatment.

Production Facilities :

Sr. No.




Facing Centering Machine (SPM) :

To accommodate job length upto 700 mm

02 Nos.


Turning Machines :

1. Conventional Lathes for Rough Turning

04 Nos.

2. 'Pinacho' brand CNC LATHE / for machining of all linear dimensions radii, chamfers and groove.

02 Nos.

3. Mac Power CNC Machine

02 Nos.


Milling Machines :

Small milling machines with fixtures for keyway cutting, specially adapted for cutting woodruf and Std. Keyways with accuracy

04 Nos.

1. VMC Machine

01 No.


Drilling and Tapping Machines :

Special purpose for drilling axial drills and face drills on camshafts

06 Nos.


Cam Turning Machines :

ABC -250 mm and 1000 mm

SPM Cam Turning Machines developed in house for Turning of forged and bar root camshafts.

04 Nos.


Heat Treatment :

Heat Treatment of camshafts viz. Carburizing, Hardening or Induction Hardening. We are arranging from experts in this field. We are having tie up with these H.T. Shops for last 10-15 years


Cam Grinding Machines :

ABC 800 and 1400 mm

07 Nos.


Vibro Deburing Machine :

For deburing camshafts upto 700 mm length

01 No.


Super Finishing Machine :

For super finishing of cams and journals

01 No.


We have small tool room set up for development of our own tooling


Cam Milling Machine :

3 No.


Gun Drilling Machine :

1 No.


Cam Grinding Machines :

CNC Cam Grinding Machine



Cly. Grinding Machines :

1.CNC Cly.Grinding Machine

01 No.

2. Hydraulic Cly. Grinding Machine

02 Nos.


Milling Machines :

Hydraulic Milling Machine

01 No.


Accuracy of Counters of both side :

  • We maintain counter depths of camshaft with in 0.1 mm so that linear dimensions are least affected when it is held bet. centre.
  • We have introduced counter depth gauges with 0.01 mm least count dial for controlling this parameter. Taper grinding of journal at front end is also controlled for 'cone length' because of counter depth consistency.
  • From of Grooves and Radii :
  • For generating small Radii and grooves we use form tool at CNC Turning stage, to ensure correct form. Sharp Datam for angles :
  • We do rough grinding of diameters before heat treatment and keyway cutting to ensure runout of job \ below 0.02 at these stages.
  • Because resting diameters are ground our keyway parameters are generated in close tolerance.
  • For dowel hole drilling on face we hold job between centre or in 'V' block fixture so the parameters of dowel hole are directly related to axis of job.
  • Minimum Allowance at H.T.Stage :
  • Since we are doing cam rough grinding we keep very less allowance (Normally 0.25/0.35 on) on cams and diameters at roughing stage so after heat treatment material removal is very less and it is removed, evenly from all sides.
  • Base circle runout of cams :
  • Because we develop our own master cams, we can maintain cam base circle runout below 0.02 consistently.
  • Consistency of relative angles :
  • Our Master are made up of one single piece (Not by joining wafers of cam in a keyway) so angular relationship of cams once generated is very very consistent.
  • Tolerance on angles :
  • We can maintain relative angular position of cams within 0 10'. Because our master cam is made from solid block and not by adding lobes on shaft.
  • Master Cam Development :
  • We develop master cam on same machine on which we produce camshaft. So number of inaccuracies which creep in because of machine parameters are totally eliminated.


Inspection facilities also we have developed with a view to measure all parameters of camshafts and to measure accuracy of required tooling for any of the camshafts.

Following is the list of facilities, we have separate standard room for inspection plus we have also developed proper in process inspection set up.

Sr. No.





EZ CAM Model 78 Fully Automatic Operation & Custom Software

Andrews Products Inc.

For Cam Testing Profile


Electronic height gauge capacity 1000 mm with L/C 0.01 mm

Electronica, Pune

For measuring linear dimensions.



Measuring Range 600 mm




Co-ordinates of drilling


Camshafts Tester - Fully computerized linear L/C 0.001 mm angular 0.30'.00"

Task, Pune

For inspection of cam profile (per degree rise) and cam angular position


Cam Angle measuring unit - Computer inter faced Angular L/C 15 sec.

Self made

For inspection and setting cam angular position


Bench Centres - 4 Nos. ranging from 250 mm to 1500 mm




For inspection of runout and other bet. centre parameters


Surface plate 'O' grade

600 x 400 2 Nos.

400 x 400



Surface Finish Tester

Model SJ201P


For inspection of surface finish value


Height Gauges

L/C 0.02 mm - 4 Nos.


For linear dimension



L/C - 0.01 0- 75 mm

L/C 0.001


For diameter inspection


Micrometers Digital

L/C - 0.001

Range 0 - 75 mm



For diameter inspection


Hardness Tester


For inspection of hardness


Crack Detection Machine

Maganafield controls

For detection of grinding cracks


Profile Projector


For radii and chamfers verifications

Besides above we develop complete process gauging viz fixed snap gauges for cam base circle we also have liner scales fitted to all our grinders for in process inspection.


Auto Camshaft
Auto Camshaft
Runout Camshafts
Runout Camshafts
Brake Camshafts
Brake Camshafts
Engine Camshaft
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Automotive Cam Shaft
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